In 1917, the Stuckey family opened the Fredericksburg Bakery in the old Priess building, where it stands today, at 141 E. Main Street in Fredericksburg. The Stuckey's served pastries, candy and even sold wedding cakes but bread was the big business; they baked their own original breads and distributed other brands to grocery stores in the area, as well. Sixty years and a second family-owner (the Scully family) later, Michael & Patsy Penick purchased the bakery. They moved into the upstairs apartment and raised three children, Dac, Derrek, and Destiny, while running the booming bakery below. When they bought the bakery, most of the business was for the locals. Quickly, Fredericksburg grew as a tourist attraction and they had to grow & adapt. Wedding cakes were a casualty but pastries, candy, and ice cream selections grew to accommodate the increased foot traffic. To the original cinnamon rolls, turnovers, streusel coffee cakes and breads, the Penick's added the apple strudel, a popular sourdough bread, and a twisted treat now considered the Fredericksburg Bakery's specialty. In the mid-80s, a young man from Germany, Luke Koch, worked in the bakery. He suggested making a German Pretzel. Together, he & the Penick's developed the original Sweet German Pretzel, perfectly marrying the authentic German pastry with the sweeter American tastes. It has become a favorite to locals and visitors from around the globe. Like many good things, it's been often imitated but never duplicated.

In 2002, the bakery was remodeled and the gift shop was added. Destiny came on-board to manage the gift shop and offer her expertise on the retail side. Her warm personality and inviting smile has helped her get to know and understand our customers. So, while our gift shop has something for everyone, you won't find anything generic or that you've see a thousand times. From the aprons to dishes, you will find something unique for your kitchen or home.

Now, daughter-in-law, Jordan (married to Derrek), has been working in the office for a few years now. With her finance degree and love of anything technical, she's spent the last few years, slowly (but surely) trying to eliminate those big, long paper ledgers, Michael just can't seem to completely abandon. Her job involves reassuring him that the computer really will do the same things as those old, time-consuming ledgers and streamlining as much as he will allow. As goes most small, family businesses, you'll often see her working behind the counter, posting to our social networks and helping out whenever and wherever its needed.

In 2009, Destiny, Lea & Jordan ("The Girls") decided it was time to relieve Mike & Patsy of some of the stress (and 7 day work weeks) that come with owning a bakery. The Girls have different strengths but a common respect for the past and the history of the Fredericksburg Bakery. They have fresh new ideas they hope together to bring to fruition. Already, they've added an expanded lunch menu with delicious homemade soups and sandwiches, and a beer & wine menu. The Bakery features local wines from Becker Vineyards and a popular mix of beer, including a few choices from local Pedernales Brewing Co. Also, customers can call us to order Sweet German Pretzels to be shipped. Shipping prices are always changing so customers can call 7 days a week to get a shipping quote and place an order. Lea has since moved on to, what began as, a small side-job, filming the hit reality TV series, American Hoggers on A&E. However, Destiny & Jordan are still ready to tackle an online gift shop and a cookbook with some of the bakery's original recipes! Of course, no progress could be made without the team in the bakery. The bakers that bake when most are fast asleep and the girls and boys behind the counter that are on their feet working hard for an almost 10-hour workday, make these new ideas possible.

It has truly become a family business. Our one-in-a-million bakery manager, Judy, is Patsy's sister-in-law. And like Mike & Patsy's children, it's very common to find one or all of their seven grandchildren underfoot during the day at the bakery. One of the older ones may even bring your food out to you! The family shares a passion for the Fredericksburg community, the bakery and each other.

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